Movie Review: The Descendants

Friday, February 24, 2012
Synopsis: Matt King is an indifferent husband and fatherof two girls, who is forced to re-examine his past and embrace his future when his wife suffers a boating accident off of Waikiki. The event leads to a rapprochement with his young daughters while Matt wrestles with a decision to sell the family's land handed down from Hawaiian royalty and missionaries.
Starring: George Clooney, Shailene Woodley, Mary Birdsong, Nick Krause, Judy Greer, Beau Bridges
Directed by: Alexander Payne
U.S. Rating: R

One of the best films I've watched so far this year 2012. George Clooney has demonstrated one more time why he's considered one of the best actors in Hollywood.

Director Alexander Payne (Sideways, About Schmidt, Paris I Love You, etc) brings one more time a great film focused on those dramas, dilemas and ethical or emotional miseries in life, projecting them with a fresh humor that makes it so, but so enjoyable to watch.Personally, I believe he's one of those great directors who deserve the big respect for his work, since every single film produced/directed has left a great visual experience for the audience.

What does it make The Descendants be such a great film? As mentioned before, it had such an amazing direction, thanks to Alexander Payne's work, the script is such a strong story that offers a little bit of everything you expect: Strong drama, fresh and sarcastic humor, a moral message and a great story line that will keep you focused on the screen through all the film. The cast is superb! And the key element, George Clooney's performance, simply amazing! I haven't watched 'The Artist' by the time I wrote this review, but must say that if he doesn't get the Oscars as best actor for his role in this film, it's because Jean Dujardin's acting performance in The Artist was simply spotless. George Clooney deserves an Oscar for his role in The Descendants.

If you haven't watched it yet and want to know about it, here's part of the plot (I won't post the end!):

Matt King is a Honolulu-based lawyer and the sole trustee of a family trust that controls 25,000 acres of pristine land on the island of Kaua'i. The trust will expire in seven years because of the rule against perpetuities, so the King family has decided to sell the land to Kaua'i native Don Holitzer for development. Just before family members are ready to formally endorse the deal, which Matt favors, a boating accident near Waikīkī renders Matt's wife, Elizabeth, comatose.

Matt and Elizabeth have two daughters, 10-year-old Scottie and 17-year-old Alex. Matt is not very close to his daughters and refers to himself as the "back-up parent." With Elizabeth in a coma at Queen's Hospital, he is forced to confront Scottie's inappropriate behavior with other children and Alex's destructive behaviors.

Matt learns that Elizabeth will never awaken from her coma, which means that under the terms of her living will she must be disconnected shortly from life support. He tells Alex, but not Scottie, that Elizabeth will not recover and must be allowed to die. Alex tells her father that Elizabeth was having an affair at the time of the accident. Matt confronts two family friends, Kai and Mark, and learns that Elizabeth's lover is Brian Speer.


The story continues, Matt tries to meet this guy that was having an affair with his wife, confront him and invite him to go and visit her at the hospital before she dies. During this search and confrontation, a series of events will help Matt to be closer to his daughters and with life, taking important decisions that will affect his and his family lives.

1000% recommended!

I would rate this movie with a 5/5

Have you watched the film? What did you like or dislike from this movie? What would you rate this movie? Share with us your thoughts!

Enjoy it!... Watch it!


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