Movie Review: The Sitter

Saturday, January 21, 2012
Synopsis: Noah is a suspended college student, living at home with his single mom. When he is talked into babysitting the three, young, misfit kids next door, he decides to take them along on an attempted sexual rendezvous, and the night takes a wild and dangerous turn for the worse for which he is totally unprepared.
Starring: Jonah Hill, Max Records, Ari Graynor, J.B. Smoove, Sam Rockwell
Directed by: David Gordon Green
U.S. Rating: R

I must recognize that The Sitter has been one of the most expected comedy films on my personal list since the fist time I watched the first official trailer almost 5 months ago.All the random and crazy scenes on every single trailer released, sold the film.

Sadly, I must recognize that if we'd compile all the green and red band trailers released in one big clip, we'd get the best of the film and save the money and time of going to the theater to watch the film. I mean, I enjoyed the film, but if I had to recommend it to someone over any other film on theaters, I would place it as a plan B.

The plot was vague and boring at some moments, but at least, they tried to keep it funny adding some random crazy scenes and situations that at least, pulled some good laughs out. I must recognize that I totally enjoyed "Rodrigo's" role. I believe he's my alter ego. I saw myself represented on his role, especially during my youth :) There were some really funny lines and situations, gathered a pretty decent cast that made the big part on keeping the lousy plot alive.

If you'd want to know a little bit more about the plot, The Sitter is about Noah, a college student who has been suspended and now lives with his mom. After having a disagreement with his mother, he's lured into taking a babysitting job caring for the kids of Mrs. Pedulla: the stern and studious Slater, no-nonsense wild child Blithe and the pyromaniac exchange student Rodrigo.

Soon Noah is invited to a party to have sex with his supposed girlfriend who uses him only to get oral sex, she agrees to have sex with him if he brings her drugs to the party. Noah tempted by the offer steals Mrs. Pedulla's car and takes the kids to the city, where he meets Karl in his body building shop. Karl likes to hide his cocaine in expensive baby dinosaur eggs and loves to make new friends. After getting drugs, he realizes that Rodrigo has stolen a egg from Karl, after a struggle the egg burst open wasting all the drugs.

After Karl finds out the drugs are missing and calls Noah finding his number on facebook he tells Noah that he has to come up with $10,000 or he will kill him. Noah in a frantic decides to take the kids back to their parents but thinks against it feeling he has to fix his own problems, he then takes the kids to a bar mitzvah that Slater was invited to,there Slater sees his friend who lied to him earlier saying that he couldn't hang out with him cause he had a spider bite, Slater's friend admits he lied because he was sick of hanging out with him at his house and not going anywhere. Noah finds out the valet service have lost his van which was actually stolen. Noah leaves going to his father house to see if he will give him the money.

When his dad berates him and refuses to give him money, Noah steals his fathers car and breaks into his father's jewelry store taking diamonds.Rodrigo fascinated with bombs puts a cherry bomb in the bathroom blowing up the store, Noah frustrated with Rodrigo's antics yells at him and forces him to admit why he is so bad, Rodrigo frustrated throws all of Slater's medicine out the window believing that noone likes him in the family. Slater has a panic attack in which Noah calms him down and acknowledges that he knows about Slater's homosexuality. Noah notices his stolen van and follows the thiefs to a club where he run across Jacolby and his girlfriend who hates him because years ago Noah threw up in her grandmother's urn. Noah allows her to hit him as a apology and which she does then makes amends. Noah runs into Suzy a girl he knew before he dropped out of college and realizes she likes him, still on the run from Karl, Noah goes to the party to save Marissa who is drunk and belligerent.

When Karl shows up Noah, Marissa and the kids make a run from him crashing into a park. With Noah about to die, all of a sudden Jacolby and his crew come and save him beating Karl up while Noah runs and can take the kids back home. Marissa realizes that she was a terrible girlfriend and that she got Noah in all this mess, Noah agrees letting her know that he is done risking everything for her when she dosent really like him. Finally Noah gets the kids home before there parents come back, cleaning up their mess.The kids all get extremely close to Noah and start to listen to him. Noah finally leaves after threatening Mr. Pedulla acknowledging that he knows he is sleeping with his secretary. Suzy meets him at the house , and they leave together walking home hand in hand.

Source: Wikipedia

As mentioned before, it was a decent silly adult comedy, but if I had to recommend it over another great movie on theaters, I'd leave The Sitter as a second option, or even better, to a great movie night at home when the film comes to DVD.

I would rate this movie with a 2/5

Have you watched the film? What did you like or dislike from this movie? What would you rate this movie? Share with us your thoughts!

Enjoy it!... Watch it!


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